This Write-up Very useful for Bug Hunters and System Admins and Web Developers


if you are using ngnix as web server in production or staging you may be configure the alias directives in the wrong way and that’s lead To Path Traversal Attack which mean The Attacker Cloud Be…

Rate Limit definition

In computer networks, rate limiting is used to control the rate of requests sent or received by a network interface controller. It can be used to prevent DoS attacks and limit web scraping

some packages you can use to prevent Rate Limit Attacks these packages prevent based…

First Of All thanks for reading my first write up in medium

My Name Is Mostafa I Am Working As information Security Engineer And My Part Time Doing Some Bug Hunting

I Found 2 Vulnerabilities In The Different Subdomains in Razer

The First One is reflected XSS in (

When I Searching To XSS Looked To Refelected Params I Found CSRF Token…


Information Security Engineer And Bug Hunter

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